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Profile photo of Ekaterina Ermakova

My name is Ekaterina (she/her). I am a qualified, BACP-registered integrative counsellor with a career background in law. I am based in the Balham area of south west London and offer in-person and online individual counselling sessions to adults.


As a multicultural counsellor, I welcome clients with diverse backgrounds and identities, and have experience working with a range of mental health difficulties including the following:

  • depression;

  • anxiety;

  • low self-esteem;

  • relationship difficulties, including with family, friends, colleagues, and intimate partners;

  • work and career-related difficulties, including stress, burnout, workplace bullying and career stagnation;

  • living with a history of trauma, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse or neglect;

  • loneliness, isolation and nonbelonging; and

  • identity-related concerns, including culture, race, gender, sexuality and neurodivergence.


Here you will find information about what to expect from counselling with me; my professional qualifications; and practical details such as my location, fees and how to get in touch.

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